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From 1985 to 2001, Donna Ippolito was editor-in-chief at FASA Corporation, a Chicago publisher that packaged best-selling science fiction and fantasy series for Penguin Books and Time-Warner. These included the popular BattleTech, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, and Vor series. 


 Prior to that, Ms. Ippolito was editor at Swallow Press, a small but prestigious publisher of both literary and commercial titles.


As a freelance editor, her clients include Powersuasions, Inc., Ohio University Press, Chicago Architecture Foundation, Publications International, and the American Library Association.


 In 2003, Ms. Ippolito’s investigative article on how the nation’s top 100 charities spend their donation monies appeared in Consumers Digest. As a senior editor for the magazine, she also acquired and edited articles on funeral fraud; the truth about long-term care insurance; warehouse-club buying; how to avoid pest-control rip-offs, and others.


Her stories and reviews have been published in Sunday Clothes, East West Journal, Small Press Review, and Journal of the West. Other writing credits include “Why, What’s the Matter Adam?,” a retrospective on novelist Maude Hutchins; and Uprising of the 20,000, a work of original historical research.

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